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Who Am I?


In short: I'm Shari Cross. In not so short: I'm a daydreamer who puts those daydreams into books. I'm a 1st grade teacher and I'm married to my high school sweetheart. We have a smart, funny, beautiful, and loving baby girl; a kind of smart, affectionate, handsome, and goofy boxer pup; and a too smart for his own good, grouchy, adorable, and lazy miniature dachshund. I'm a Ravenclaw of House Stark from the Land of Enchantment who adores all things Fantasy.

The Divided Kingdom Trilogy


Two kingdoms, separated only by the Glass River. Concealed from each other by fog and myth, rumors and deceit, until a boy with no past meets a girl with no future.

The Divided Kingdom Trilogy is a dark medieval fantasy; set in a world where lords and kings control the fate of their subjects, and the mysterious hellions manipulate the characters through fear of the unknown. It is driven by romance, suspense, and the turmoil that faces the protagonists as they deal with coming of age, forgotten pasts, and undesirable futures.

I started writing MASKED (Book 1 of The Divided Kingdom Trilogy) around 9 years ago. It took me about 6 months to write it and even longer to edit and revise. The story started with what is now chapter 23 and built from there. Since then life has definitely thrown some curve balls that pulled me from my writing, but I found my way back and have finally published the story that I've had in my head and heart for so long. 

Short Stories


I have two published short stories.

The Unforgiving Dead

Published with Hellfire Crossroads Vol. 1

*can be found on Amazon or by following the link below

The Breach

Published with Mavguard Magazine Edition III

*can be found at